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Road Control 2 All Season Tire

Road Control 2

Road Control 2 all-season tires are built to last and fit your budget thanks to a 65,000-mile warranty and a price that’s hard to beat. Beyond what you’d expect from a well-rounded, all-season tire, Road Control 2 features an innovative tread design that dampens noise and keeps you in control in any weather. To reduce hydroplaning and add stability on wet roads, these tires feature 3D siping. Plus, the new profile of these tires helps them wear more evenly for a longer tread life. And the new silica compound helps keep you in control on wet roads. Whether you’re driving to work or heading out for a weekend away, these are the perfect all-season tires for today’s passenger vehicles.


Back Country A/T2 Tire

Back Country A/T2

The Back Country A/T2 has updated everything great about the previous generation of Back Country all-terrain tires and made them even better. That includes the latest tire construction and compound technology. Built for light trucks, SUVs, and CUVs, these tires are at home on the highway and dirt roads. While the Back Country A/T2 offers performance on and off-road, they’re also quiet, using the latest noise-reducing tread block grooves that break up and dampen road noise. These tires are designed to reduce uneven wear and extend tread life with a 60,000-mile warranty for SUV sizes and a 55,000-mile tread warranty for light truck sizes. Full-depth siping helps give the Back Country A/T2 its three-peak mountain snowflake certification, making it ideal for mild winter conditions. An aggressive shoulder provides additional surface area, while the open tread helps move water and snow away for more grip on the road.


Back Country Mud Terrain tire for light trucks and commercial vehicles from Dean Tires

Back Country MT

The Back Country MT is a heavy-duty mud terrain tire for light truck and commercial drivers who work and play hard. Made for durability, it delivers exceptional tread life. The innovative construction includes a tough, three-ply sidewall that improves on two-ply tires for added cut and puncture resistance. An aggressive tread design brings confident grip whatever the surface-- mud, snow, rock or pavement. This is a workhorse tire that takes the most punishing driving conditions in stride.


Back Country QS-3 Highway Tire tread view, black lettering

Back Country QS-3

The Back Country QS-3 Touring HT is the first all-season, hybrid highway tire for light trucks, SUVs and crossovers. It merges the ride qualities of a highway tire with highly reliable traction in most weather conditions, on and off blacktop. Special tread features dampen noise while delivering smooth handling. Designed for durability, the Back Country QS-3 Touring HT comes with an outstanding mileage warranty. This tire is in a class all its own, providing both a comfortable daily commute and the freedom to get off-road come the weekend.


Back Country SQ-4 All Terrain Tire

Back Country SQ-4

The Back Country SQ-4 is an all terrain tire for light trucks and SUVs that delivers both smooth, quiet highway driving and off-road performance. It’s built with the latest tire construction and compound technology, for even tread wear, aggressive traction, long tire life, and all season performance. The Back Country is built to travel the West, wherever and whenever you need to go.


Road Control NW-3 Touring Tire

Road Control NW-3

The Road Control NW-3 is an all-season passenger car tire that gets the job done on the daily commute—and goes the distance for your money. The innovative tread design dampens noise while delivering impressive wet and dry traction. The Road Control offers a stable, quiet ride and all-weather confidence in one hardworking, durable touring tire.


Wintercat SST Winter Tire

Wintercat SST

The Wintercat SST is one of our best SUV and light truck winter tires. Look to this tire for excellent traction on snow, ice and anything else Mother Nature has in store.


Wintercat X/T Winter Tire

Wintercat X/T

The Wintercat X/T is a passenger car winter tire for safer cold weather driving. This tire is siped and pinned for optional studs, for traction on your terms. As one of our best winter tires, it delivers both great control and the smooth ride you expect in a premium tire.


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