Back Country QS-3 Tire


The Back Country QS-3 Touring HT is the first all-season, hybrid highway tire for light trucks, SUVs and crossovers. It merges the ride qualities of a highway tire with highly reliable traction in most weather conditions, on and off blacktop. Special tread features dampen noise while delivering smooth handling. Designed for durability, the Back Country QS-3 Touring HT comes with an outstanding mileage warranty. This tire is in a class all its own, providing both a comfortable daily commute and the freedom to get off-road come the weekend.

Sizing and Specs  


  • ​Unique hybrid tread
  • ​Noise-canceling highway tire features for smoother travel and great handling
  • ​More biting edges than typical HTs for back-road excursions
  • Excellent traction for most road and weather conditions
  • ​Variable LT and SUV shoulder construction for optimal traction and wear resistance
  • ​Built to last: rugged durability with no sacrifice of ride comfort


Backed by a 65,000-mile tread warranty for SUV sizes, 60,000 miles for light truck sizes

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