Wintercat X/T Tire


The Wintercat X/T is a passenger car winter tire for safer cold weather driving. This tire is siped and pinned for optional studs, for traction on your terms. As one of our best winter tires, it delivers both great control and the smooth ride you expect in a premium tire.

Sizing and Specs  


  • The modern, multi-sipe design has an irregular pattern for wet traction.
  • Optional studs, with innovative stud hole design and pattern, improves stud retention and provide more rows of studs gripping the road.
  • Deep grooves evacuate snow, water and slush to reduce hydroplaning.
  • Optimal tread pattern for a smooth, quiet ride on dry or wet roads.
  • Special tread compound means you get traction without sacrificing tread wear.
  • Tested and approved for use in severe snow conditions such as mountain passes.
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