Back Country SQ-4 Tire


The Back Country SQ-4 is an all terrain tire for light trucks and SUVs that delivers both smooth, quiet highway driving and off-road performance. It’s built with the latest tire construction and compound technology, for even tread wear, aggressive traction, long tire life, and all season performance. The Back Country is built to travel the West, wherever and whenever you need to go.

Sizing and Specs  


  • Advanced noise reduction design for a quieter ride.
  • Aggressive shoulder provides additional surface area to grip the road.
  • Open tread blocks and more channels to evacuate snow and water.
  • SUV and CUV sizes are Mountain Snow Flake marked for use in all conditions, including severe snow conditions.
  • Waved siping for better traction.
  • Wear-resistant tread compound provides increased durability and superior traction.
  • Designed to reduce uneven wear, extending tread life.


  • Backed by a 55,000-mile tread warranty for light truck sizes, 60,000 for SUV sizes.
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