Road Control NW-3 Tire


The Road Control NW-3 is an all-season passenger car tire that gets the job done on the daily commute—and goes the distance for your money. The innovative tread design dampens noise while delivering impressive wet and dry traction. The Road Control offers a stable, quiet ride and all-weather confidence in one hardworking, durable touring tire.

Sizing and Specs  


  • 3D siping and special grooves reduce hydroplaning for added stability in wet conditions.
  • Advanced tread compound for great dry road traction.
  • Innovative design cuts noise.
  • Constructed to wear evenly, for longer life.
  • All-season performance, for reliable driving in most conditions.
  • Priced for your budget.


  • Backed by tread warranties of 65,000 miles on T- and H-rated tires, and 55,000 miles on V-rated tires.
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